Visit Leh Ladakh

Why and When to Visit Leh Ladakh

Why and When to Visit Leh Ladakh

Ladakh is a Union Territory of India, and Leh is its capital. Every year a great number of Tourists visit Ladakh both from within India and outside, but what is the reason behind the popularity of this place? Ladakh has a peculiar climate, unique culture, stunning lakes, and breathtaking landscapes, arent the reasons enough to visit this amazing place even if not you will be glad to know apart from the natural wonders Ladakh also hosts a variety of adventure activities.

Ladakh is a Land of High Passes, and some of the world’s highest passes are in Ladakh, among them Khardungla Pass is the highest motorable road in the world, how exciting and thrilling it would be riding on the world’s highest motorable pass. Off late Ladakh has become a popular destination for bike riders in fact, when it comes to visiting Ladakh, youngsters prefer undertaking the journey to Ladakh by bike exploring the scenic view.


When it comes to the beauty of the natural landscape, nothing can beat Ladakh’s natural beauty. Its mighty mountains and the clear environment is enchanting. Ladakh is a unique blend of Tibetian, Buddhist, and Indian culture. People of Ladakh practice simple and sustainable living, i.e., they live in harmony with nature. This is the reason the natural beauty of that place is still intact. In Ladakh, you will see the dominance of Buddhist culture, which is why Ladakh has a good number of monasteries.

There are two kinds of people who plan a Ladakh trip, one who wants to explore the beauty of this place other are those who want to undertake the adventure activities this place offers. But before heading to your destination, you must be aware of its weather and climatic conditions so that you can plan your trip wisely and know which time is best for the purpose you are undertaking the journey. Let’s know about the best time to visit Ladakh and which season is suitable for which kind of activity.


When to visit Ladakh

Ladakh can be enjoyed both in summer and winter, but every season comes with its pros and cons. Talking about summer i.e., the period between May to September, this time is considered ideal to travel to Ladakh as the temperature during this time is moderate and pleasant while the northern plains get quite hot during the summer, Ladakh is a perfect place to beat the heat.

Apart from the temperature, the passes and roads are also open during this time as there is no snowfall, so it becomes an ideal season for people who want to go for a bike trip. In winter the temperature is very low, it even snows at that time, due to these extreme weather conditions a few people visit this place but winter is the season when you can go for Chadar trek on the frozen lake, which is a major big attraction for people visiting Ladakh in winter, in fact, some people plan to visit Ladakh in winter for the highly popular Chadar trek.

So now you can decide the ideal time for your Ladakh trip.


Places to visit in Ladakh

There are plenty of options for sightseeing in Ladakh, and almost everything is worth the visit, be it the valleys, Lakes, monasteries, passes, etc. Below is the list of places you can visit in Ladakh.

  • Pangong Lake
  • Nubra Valley
  • Zanskar Valley
  • Hemis National Park
  • Tso Moriri
  • Diskit Monastery
  • Khardungla Pass
  • Kargil
  • Hall of Fame
  • Spituk Gompa
  • Magnetic Hill
  • Shanti Stupa
  • Royal Leh Palace
  • Shey Monastery


There are plenty of other places to visit. Ladakh has many monasteries, but each monastery holds a story to tell, and the architecture of these monasteries is a visual treat to eyes. You must visit the monasteries and learn about the Buddhist culture, a visit to these monasteries will have a calm and soothing effect on your mind.


We hope now that now you must be clear why you should visit Ladakh at least once in your lifetime. This once in a lifetime trip will give you memories that you cherish all your life. The Uniqueness of Ladakh can be found nowhere that is what makes it a popular destination.

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