DUI charges

What are DUI charges and consequences?

What are DUI charges and consequences?

DUI (Driving Under Influence) is a common mistake that individuals make in the United States. DUI laws have been put into effect to restrict people driving vehicles while they are under the influence of substances.

Public safety, including property and the lives of people, are put at risk each time a person attempts to drive in an impaired state of mind.

If you claim that you are not under the influence of any substance and the officer uses a breathalyzer, FST (field sobriety test) or a blood test, ultimately catching your lie, then you would face a DUI charge.

In such cases, you must get in touch with a Marietta DUI lawyer to either reduce your fines or help you get your license back in possession at an earlier date.

Depending on the severity and intensity of your crime, you will be charged with an appropriate violation. If you are lucky then you may get away with a hefty fine, rather than appearing in court and hiring a lawyer to protect your interests.

Some cases even call for a full-fledged rehabilitation program for a period of 1 or 2 years. Throughout this period, you would be barred from driving a vehicle and it would also be hard to get a reputable job and resume your professional career.

Despite serving your sentence, passing the required tests, getting a positive result from your counselor, completing social service and rehabilitation, the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) may yet not give you your license back and make life hard for you.

The consequences of DUI charges can prove to be life-disrupting for a working individual –

  • Government Records 

  • Each time you apply for a loan, try getting admission into a university, apply for a job or attempt to take part in some event as a contributor or organizer, the DUI charges show up in your government records.
  • When a prospective employer sees these DUI charges on your record, they instantly lose credibility and move on to the next candidate.


The only possible chance you may have to clear these records is by following the instructions of your DUI attorney in Marietta. This may help in scraping the DUI charges from your records and give you a shot at a new career.


  • Higher Insurance Rates

  • Insurance companies are directly informed if you break any rules set by the DMV of your state. When the insurance company is aware that you have a higher chance of getting into an accident or any kind of motor vehicle mishap, they will increase your insurance rates.
  • Combining this spike in monthly insurance payments to the fact that you would be unemployed and anyway not have been permitted to legally drive proves as a complete waste of resources, time, energy, and stress.


Worst case, your insurance company may terminate your insurance plan, and you would need to seek a new vehicle insurance service provider. Hire a DUI attorney in Marietta, GA, if you want the same insurance provider, as the attorney can surely find a way to convince the insurance company.


  • Revocation of Driver’s License

  • This is the worst backdrop of DUI charges. The officer will suspend your license for a period of 6 months to maybe even a few years, depending on how severe your DUI charges are.
  • How will you drive to work? How will you visit your relatives? How will you attend regular family meets?
  • Without a license, you would have no convenient means to travel and would face serious problems in getting to work and going about other day-to-day activities.

Public transport can prove uncomfortable, time-consuming, and costly as compared to driving your own vehicle. Hire a Marietta DUI lawyer to help you reacquire your license at an earlier date.


  • Illegibility to apply for reputable jobs

  • Most of the reputed organizations would directly consider you illegible due to your DUI charges. To make matters even worse, your current employer may terminate your employment due to the risk of your irresponsible behavior occurring at the workplace.
  • This leaves a bad impression in front of your co-workers and the field as a whole. The fact that you may have to serve jail time, attend court hearings, and may even appear in newspapers or news channels makes you an inappropriate hire for most companies.


You will definitely need a reputable job to reestablish yourself in the corporate domain. One sure-shot way of getting back into the game is by consulting a DUI lawyer in Marietta and following their advice.

The lawyer would have several routes to expunge your DUI charges from government records.

Also, getting a DUI charge while you are responsible for the wellbeing of an entire family can prove highly detrimental to the family as a whole.

Income could come to a standstill, and the mental and financial stability at home could be drastically shaken to a level of discomfort.

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