Lakes of Leh Ladakh

The Lakes of Leh Ladakh

The Lakes of Leh Ladakh


The mystic lands of Leh Ladakh have always attracted travellers from all over the world. The natural beauty of Leh Ladakh is the most attractive thing about the region. The visitors are bound to be drowned in the surreal beauty of the region of Leh Ladakh. One of the shining jewels in the beauty crown of Ladakh is lakes. The lakes of Ladakh are one of the most beautiful sites to witness. The shining waters among the snow-covered mountains and lush greenery is surely a sight to behold.

The surreal lakes that one can visit when on a visit to Leh Ladakh includes:

  • Tso Kar

Tso Kar falls under the category of the unique lakes of Ladakh. Tso Kar is known for its serene beauty. The lake is not popular as its other counterparts but is equally beautiful. The visitors are sure to be mesmerized by the spellbinding beauty of Tso Kar and its surroundings.

The lake can be referred to as twin lakes wherein one part of the lake is salty, and the other one is filled with fresh water. Tso Kar is located on Rupshu Plateau, which belongs to the southern region of Ladakh.

There are numerous lake fauna that inhabits the lake, such as weeds and nettles. Tso Kar gives an introduction to the varying landscapes of the region of Ladakh. The best time to visit the lake is in the summer season.


  • Mirpal Tso

Seeking a quiet and peaceful place for spending time with yourself during the trip to Ladakh, then Mirpal Tso is the place for you. Another one of the not so famous lakes of the region of Ladakh, Mirpal Tso will be a travellers delight.

Mirpal Tso is situated in the Chushul area of Ladakh. The lake is known for its serene and quiet atmosphere. The travellers can spend some time in solitude and enjoy the exquisite beauty around the lake. The lake is composed of both saline as well as freshwater.

The weather at Mirpal Tso is also pleasant as one enjoys the wind as they spend some time at the lake. The lake is in full glory during the months from May to September, which is also the ideal time to visit the lake.


  • Yarab Tso

The serene lake of Yarab Tso is located in the stunning Nubra Valley. Yarab Tso can be considered as one of the highest lakes in the country.

Yarab Tso reflects the essence of the valley of Nubra. Yarab Tso is also one of the holy lakes as it has an important place in the Leh legends. The high mountains and the barren landscapes that surround the lake adds to the appeal factor of the lake.

The best time to enjoy this nature’s bounty is during the months from June to September. This magnificent lake tops the list of the beautiful lakes. This lake is a must-visit when on a tour of Leh Ladakh.


  • Kiagar Tso

Kiagar Tso is a wrapped treasure of the region of Leh Ladakh. Kiagar Tso is located at the height of 4000 meters. Kiagar Tso can be visited en-route to the other beauty of Leh Ladakh that is Tso Moriri.

The lake is surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Ladakh region. The exquisite beauty of the lake is one of the most attractive features of Kiagar Tso. Kiagar Tso is a saline water body. A brief visit to Kiagar Tso will be one of the most enchanting experiences during the trip to Leh Ladakh.

The areas around the lake are home to the few of the nomadic tribes that belong to the region of Ladakh. The months from April to August are the best time to visit Kiagar Tso.

The lake is also one of the beautiful stopovers during the various trekking expeditions that happen in the region of Leh Ladakh.


The list mentioned above provides a sneak peek into the lesser-known lakes of the region of Leh Ladakh. The other famous lakes of Leh Ladakh are Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri, Chagar Tso, Kyun Tso & Ryul Tso, and many other lakes.

The visit to the various lakes of Leh Ladakh will be an experience itself as the person comes close to nature as well as one’s the true self.

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