The Best Ways To Watch IPTV

The Best Ways To Watch IPTV


You may have heard of IPTV before but if you have not it stands for Internet Protocol Television and its works like Netflix but instead of movies and TV shows you can watch live channels from across the world.


This guide will teach you the best ways to watch IPTV for some of the well know and best devices to watch IPTV with.


Amazon Firestick IPTV Subscription

Without a doubt, the amazon firesticks and Fire Tv’s are some of the best and leading media devices to watch IPTV due to the ease of use and quality build while allowing you to do many other cool tricks such as playing games or smartphone mirroring.

First, you need to make sure you have an active IPTV subscription which you can get from an IPTV provider by clicking here, and this will give you the best HD streams, so you don’t have to worry about bad quality IPTV.

Once you have a subscription its time to set up the Firestick or FireTV


How To Install IPTV On A Firestick

You have many options to install IPTV on a firestick and many different apps with different looks and feels but we suggest if you used the IPTV provider above you can use their own IPTV app which is one of the best apps to use.



How To Turn On Allow Unknown Devices


  1. Go to Settings On The Firestick or FireTV
  2. Go To Device
  3. Go To Developer Options
  4. Scroll Down To Apps From Uknown Sources And Set To Yes


How To Install The Strong IPTV App


  1. Search The Firestick For The Free App Downloader And Install It
  2. Go Into The Downloader App Then To Browser
  3. Then Put The Web Address
  4. Now Click On Go To Download The App
  5. Now Click On Install To Install The Strong IPTV App
  6. Go Into My Apps On The Firestick And Open The App
  7. Enter Your Username And Password

Once you have done the above, you will have access to thousands of channels and movies and have the app on your firestick.


How To Watch IPTV On Your PC

There are 2 ways to watch IPTV on your PC we will cover both ways one is using a Microsoft store app called MyIPTV Player, and the other way is using VLC Media player.


We will cover both ways below with the best option first.


Set Up MYIPTV Player


  1. Go To The Search Bar In Windows Any Type Mircosoft Store
  2. Once You Have Opened The Store Search For MYIPTV Player
  3. Click On The App Then Choose Get To Download The App
  4. Once It Has Downloaded Click On Launch
  5. Now Inside The App Choose Settings
  6. Now Click On Add New Playlist And EPG Source
  7. Go To Where It Sayd Remote Channels List
  8. Enter Any Name You Want In The Remote Channel List Name Field
  9. Now In The Remote Channel List URL Enter The Long URL That Your IPTV Provider Has Provided
  10. Click On Add Remote List And Go Back A Page
  11. Now Under Select Channel Playlist Click The Dropdown And Choose The Name You Made
  12. Now Click On Refresh And Then Channels At The Top


That’s it you will now have the MYIPTV Player working great to watch all the worldwide TV channels but if you want a TV guide so you can see what’s on by following the below.



How to Set UP EPG On MYIPTV Player


  1. Go To Settings Inside The App
  2. Click Add New Playlist And EPG Source
  3. Go To Program Guide (EPG)
  4. Inside The EPG Source Name Put Any Name You Want
  5. Inside The EPG Source URL Enter, The EPG Link Your IPTV Provider Provides You
  6. Now Click Add EPG Source And Go Back A Page
  7. Go To Where It Says Select EPG Source
  8. Click The Dropdown Bar And Choose The Name You Made In The Previous Step
  9. Click On Refresh


Now you will have a fully functioning TV guide so you can see what’s on every channel and set timer alerts, so you don’t miss your favourite TV show. Next, we will show you how to use VLC Player.



How To Watch IPTV On VLC Media Player


vlc player


VLC Media Player is a quality and well know media player for windows that literally plays any movie file and music file and is a good way to watch IPTV.


  1. Go To And Click Download
  2. Once Downloaded Open VLC Media Player
  3. Now The Long M3U Link You Got From Your Provider You Will Need To Copy This
  4. Now Go Back To VLC And Click Media
  5. Then Click Open Network Streams
  6. Now In The Adress Bar Paste In The Long M3U URL, Your IPTV Provider Sent You
  7. Now Click Play And Wait A Few Seconds For The Channels To Load


Watching IPTV on VLC Media Player is a good way to watch as all channels are quick and easy to find as you can use the search bar in the top right-hand corner of the screen to search for your channel.



How To Watch IPTV On A Android TV Box




This is one of the easiest methods out of all we mentioned to add IPTV to your android TV box which can come in all makes and sizes the media box.


  1. Go To The Built-In Web Browser On The Android Box (Normally Google Chrome)
  2. Type In The Address Bar
  3. Now The IPTV App Will Automatically Download
  4. Choose To Install The App
  5. Once Installed Go To My Apps On The Android Box
  6. You Will See The Strong IPTV App So Click On It
  7. Enter Your Username And Password


So as you can see the above was a breeze compared to the other methods.



How To Watch IPTV On A Mag Box


You may have heard of a mag 254 before or the newer Mag 322 what these are are certain media boxes that are made for IPTV and have its own smooth and fluid operating system so like what apple has with macOS.


Many people like the layout and ease of use of mag boxes and the user interface, does look nice the only negative with these boxes is they don’t allow you to do as much outside of IPTV on them compared to an Android-based media device.



How To Set Up A Mag Box

tv remote

  1. Make Sure You Have Purchased A IPTV Subscription
  2. Look Under Your Mag Box And Send Your IPTV Provider The 8 Digit Code (The One With Colons Every 2 Digits)
  3. Now Turn On The Mag Box
  4. Press Menu And Go To Settings
  5. Click On Servers And Then Portals
  6. Now For Portal 1 Name Put Anything You Want
  7. For Portal 1 URL Put The Client Portal URL Your IPTV Provider Has Sent You
  8. Click Ok Button To Save Changes
  9. Choose To Rebbot The Box Or Reboot The Portal URL

Once the mag box comes back on, you will see all the channels and more.




We have just provided you with the best ways to watch IPTV using the best devices for IPTV if this has helped be sure to give this guide a share.




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