Gift Ideas that Your Foodie Friend will Love

Quirky Gift Ideas that Your Foodie Friend will Love

Quirky Gift Ideas that Your Foodie Friend will Love

We all have that one friend who is always thinking about food. Be it the Instagram accounts they follow or the YouTube videos they watch, everything is related to food in their lives.

Finding a birthday gift for these friends becomes very interesting as you know what their taste is. Mind you, even if your friend loves food in all forms, buying them a jar of cookies or cupcakes with fresh flowers is not enough.

You need to go way past that and make them feel special on their birthdays. If you really want to be the one who gives the best gift, you would have to make a strategy for picking the perfect gift.


Though your friend would love to receive food items, it is always wise to include non-food things in the gift as well. You can completely do away with food and instead go for food-themed items that serve a purpose.

Buying them something practical would be great. You can even buy something that makes cooking or baking easier. If you want to surprise them, you can even get chocolates and flowers delivered to their doorstep.

In fact, midnight flowers delivery in Mumbai and the big cities are all the rage these days. Apart from these, here are some quirky gift ideas that your foodie friend is surely going to love:


Food-Themed Products

Now, when we talk about products revolving around food, we don’t mean kitchen supplies or dinner table essentials. Food-themed products can include anything from a pizza-shaped notepad to a ‘Certified Food Lover’ T-shirt.


Get creative and pick up something that matches your foodie pal’s personality. You can even buy them a cutesy mug with a quote that resonates with their love for food. If they love jewelry, you can gift them ice-cream cone earrings or a bracelet with charms of little food shapes dangling from the chain.


If they love cooking, buying recipe books or a journal where they can pen down their own cooking secrets, and recipes would also be amazing.


Butter Bells

A butter bell makes for a very unique yet useful present. It is one of the most under-rated items of your dining table. It helps in keeping the butter soft and very easy to serve. These days, butter bells come in all sizes and styles.


They would be a great addition to any food lover’s tabletop. They would also give a classic Victorian touch to the household, and who doesn’t love that vintage feel?

Cutting Boards


If your friend not only loves eating but enjoys cooking as well, give them a set of cutting boards. Stone and wood boards are in trend, and they are very useful while hosting house parties.


Be it for slicing loaves of bread or serving cheese, these stylish and versatile boards are a must-have. You can even order bouquet online as a side gift to the cutting boards.


Specialty Oils and Vinegar

Specialty oils and vinegar make for delicious gifts for the foodies. Your salads and vegetables would get a drastic transformation with the flavor of raspberry vinegar. You can even buy them a fancy cooking oil for making their cooking game strong.


The two can even be combined to roast and marinate vegetables. If they love their salads, the vinegar and oil would give their greens a makeover since they work wonders as salad dressings.

Gift Ideas that Your Foodie Friend will Love


Cocktail Shaker

If you are looking for a sexy and sophisticated gift for a foodie, buy them cocktail shakers. People who make and serve cocktails at their parties would really enjoy this gift. It is not just unique but also looks beautiful.


Those who love their drinks would know the value of a classy champagne shaker and would be thankful for such a gift. If they have a minibar, this cocktail shaker is surely going to be the pride of that corner.


Metallic Serving Items

Metallic servers go well with all sorts of decorating styles. No matter what the aesthetics of your place are, metallic serving items would look luxurious. Moreover, they are pretty inexpensive and are great for people looking for a budget-friendly gift.


Go for pieces that have unusual patterns, textures, and colors. An exotic touch can amp up the look of even your simplest gifts. If you want to go for a rustic vibe, pick metallic dishes in organic shapes as they keep the contemporary factor at bay.


A Bouquet of Chocolates

With this gift, your friend with a sweet tooth is in for Online cake delivery in Bangalore, India is pretty common nowadays, and the best part is, you can customize the bouquet with flowers and chocolates of your choice. In these online portals, you can find hundreds of flowers to choose from.


From roses to carnations, orchids to marigolds, they offer a wide range of beautiful blossoms. You don’t even have to visit the stores for this. Just curate the floral arrangement with your friend’s favorite chocolates and flowers and opt for an online bouquet delivery.


That is all! The bouquet will be delivered at your friend’s doorstep, and the surprise will blow their mind.


These were some super cool and adorable gifting options for people who love to eat. While you are at it, it would be a great idea to feed them with the pizzas from their favorite eating joints or just treat them with their most loved bottle of wine.

You can even take them to that expensive restaurant they have been wishing to go to for a long time. Don’t forget to get a cake specially made for them. Let your creative juice flow and give the cake a good foodie twist.

You can get it in a burger or a Jack Daniels’s shape. Your friend would not only be happy to receive it but would feel special by all the efforts you would make. It’s their day, make sure you make it all about food and more food. They would love it!


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