Monitor Your Kids Whatsapp With TOS App

WhatsApp is the best social messaging app in the world and today you can see it on everyone’s cellphone and even on every type of mobile device you can just name it.

Therefore, parents, these days are very serious to keep an eye on their kid’s cell phone device running with the social messaging app.

There are plenty of vulnerabilities are attached to the instant messaging apps these days particularly for kids and teens.

Parents are scared of online dangers that can harm young kids and teens physically, emotionally and as well as mentally.

Cyber predators over the years have been migrated to the web and they are targeting teens via social networking apps and WhatsApp is one of them.

Stalkers bully online and sexual predators somehow having access to a teen’s contact number.

Mutual friends are the ones that can share anyone’s contact with someone and ultimately teens got trapped.

Now the question arises on how parents can monitor their kids WhatsApp? The answer is pretty simple they just need to get their hands on TOS.


Install TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring software

Are you afraid of a social messaging obsession with teens and kids? Do you want to know what they are doing on the instant messaging app?

Fair enough! You just need to use the web browser of your cell phone device and further, you need to perform a couple of steps to get your hands on the tools that empower you to track social media apps to the fullest.

Step1: Subscribe for mobile surveillance software

If you want to spy on WhatsApp instant messenger then you need to get subscription online and you can get it after visiting the official webpage of TOS.

Once you are on the webpage then instantly get started license and credentials via email sent to you. Check your email inbox and collect the credentials.

Step2: Get Physical access on the target phone

Now get started with the process of installation but one thing you should keep in mind that physical access on the target mobile device is compulsory.

Once you have got the access start the process of installation and when you have done with that successfully then you can activate it on the targeted device. Cell phone tracking app remains invisible even on the latest OS version of the target device no matter what.

Now you can take a single step ahead and further you can get you access to the personal electronic portal to get your hands on the features to control the target device installed social messaging app.

Step3: Use credentials & activate web portal

Now you can use the passcode and ID and you need to recall them because you have got it at the time of subscription. So, use the credentials and get access to the online control panel and get your hands on the tool to monitor WhatsApp.

Use cell phone monitoring software tools to track WhatsApp

Live screen recording

You can use your web portal and then you can tap on the screen recorder software. Furthermore, you can use it for performing live screen recording of the target device.

Further, you can record a short series of videos of the screen and sent all the recordings to the web portal. So, you can watch all live recordings of WhatsApp active on the mobile device.

It means you can get to know what is happening on your teen’s and kids’ devices.


You can remotely set screenshots schedules back and forth on the target device using your online control panel.

Once the commands have received on the target device, it will start capturing screenshots and send them to the web portal where you can see the WhatsApp activities.

IM’s logs

The electronic web portal gives you access to dozens of powerful features and empower you to get the logs of all the instant messaging apps logs including WhatsApp. Furthermore, you can read text messages logs, chats conversations, audio-video calls, videos, and photo sharing and last but not the least Voice messages logs.

Parents can get to know every single activity teens and kids have performed on WhatsApp with a complete time stamp.


TheOneSpy is the best mobile tracking app that empowers you to get access to the target device installed WhatsApp and enables you to see its activity logs.

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