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How to Run a Virtual Classroom Online with WordPress?

How to Run a Virtual Classroom Online with WordPress?

Over the past couple of weeks, thousands of businesses are switching to online platforms and likewise for those who are in the teaching industry. Running an online virtual classroom can be done on several sites, but WordPress takes the number one spot due to its free features that are charged elsewhere.

Whether it’s yoga, sports, fitness, science, English, cooking, or even craft, you can easily set up a virtual classroom on your website by either going live or uploading a set of curriculum wise pre-recorded videos. Also, the impeccable feature of WordPress theme customization proves to give you users an attractive visual for any kind of website you have.

Basic technical skills like drag and drop, navigation, and managing your plugin shall prove enough to set up your online classroom. Pre-requisites such as a website, method for students to sign up, and a communication medium with the students should be in place.

All other features such as a forum, database of audio, visual and textual content, interactive polls, seminars, payments, grades, etc. can be easily accessed via the WizIQ WordPress virtual classroom plugin.

Expect a range of effective additional features such as multi-lingual support, HD video conferencing, white-labeling, attendance alerts, screen sharing, built-in media player, etc.

How to integrate the WizIQ plugin to my website?

Navigate through your WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins à Add New à Type ‘WizIQ’ à Click on ‘Install Now’à Activate. Now you can go to the settings on your WizIQ plugin and click on get access and secret keys.

Copy and paste the access keys and save changes. WordPress theme customization lets you choose a theme that decides the initial opinion a user creates.

How to create a course and add content?

For creating a course, you need to navigate to the courses tab and click on add new course. Simply enter the course name, description, relevant dates, and save the details. Now go to the content tab on the WizIQ plugin and click on upload content.

Store all your content in category wise folders for your students to access.

To make life easier for online teachers, this plugin is compatible with all file types ranging for videos, images, presentations, animations, special effects, etc.

Some of the file types are PPtx, PDF, MOV, MP3, MPEG, MP4, FLV, etc. At any time, you can edit the course, schedule live classes (with class-specific settings), and manage teacher accounts by giving them permissions.

Can I enroll users and study their course-related data?

You can easily enroll users for your course by following these steps, courses à manage course àenroll users. You will get access to all users of your WordPress website.

Based on their role and your requirements, you can assign unique permissions to each user. Custom WordPress Plugin Developments are so great that it also comes with an option to study course-related statistics. These statistics can be used to perform an analysis of course and student performance.

To access these statistics, simply head to the courses tab and choose the course for which you want to study data. Once you choose the course, you will see details regarding view time, attendance, presenter, interactions, etc.

Can I conduct group discussions during live classes?

This feature is the main reason that we suggest WordPress as your go-to choice for setting up an online virtual classroom. Setting up the group discussion during live classes is an easy process and can be done in the following manner.

Step 1: On the upper part of the virtual classroom window, you will see a tab called breakout room. Click on it.

Step 2: You will get an option to create rooms. The limit per class is 10 breakout rooms, and you can set this number as per your convenience.

Step 3: Rename the rooms, select the attendees from the left-side panel and drag ‘n’ drop them to their allocated breakout room.

Step 4: You can also select a moderator amongst the participants by clicking on make a lead.

Step 5: Now, click on start breakout session, and you can provide the users (video, image, text or presentation) a topic to discuss.

You have full control over transferring users to other breakout rooms as per your requirements.

What can I do after I launch a class?

Once you access the courses tab, you can click on the classes you want to begin. You can click on the launch class button to continue to the online virtual classroom.

A new window opens, and you will get access to a platform where you can use diagrams, flowcharts, equations, etc. to demonstrate concepts.

You can connect up to 6 students on one video channel and converse with them on the go.

To make the class as interactive as possible, you can also chat with your students on a private or common chatbox.

You get options to create polls to gather opinions and the learnings of your students. Another great feature is giving students screen access to your device to solve some doubts and queries they may have.

With each passing day, teachers from all industries are offering an increasing number of online virtual classroom sessions to make education easier to access. WizIQ is the plugin you are looking for if you want to inculcate these classes on your website.


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