How to Choose Best Universal Remote Controls

The universal TV remote control is very useful in any home. If you lose the PU of the unit, this allows you to set the function on the TV. For a long time, this is nothing new in the gadgets world. It has voice and customization features.

There are representatives of hydraulic and pneumatic mice for SMART TV. You can also convert basic key codes. When choosing PU, pay attention to the function, check the function of Russian voice and keyboard.

You must read reviews on the Internet to avoid mistakes when choosing. I hope it has a simple and intuitive interface and is produced in Russia.

Modern SMART TV equipment must be connected to a special decoder. In this case, the user will immediately have two remote controls (remote control). One is for television and the other for the receiver.

The frequency of use of PU TV is not high so users get rid of it. But at some point it becomes important. To avoid confusion and eliminate loss in the device, it is best to get a central device capable of controlling both devices (i.e. the TV and decoder).

What’s the difference?

In general, PU properties are not different from ordinary ones. The set includes a set of standard volume control buttons, channel switching, timer setting, IR signals and other functions. To operate they use ordinary batteries.

This allows you to adjust the operation of the TV’s air conditioner, the TV theater and change the settings of the digital TV.

Unlike the original model, this type of PU is easy to replace. It is sold at an average price of 500 rubles in many electronics stores. If you know the type of universal appliance and come to the store, you can easily explain your interests to the seller.

What to look before buying?

When choosing a PU, you must first determine which parameters are important:

  • Fast, accurate and efficient. This standard is considered the most important because its effectiveness depends on the remote unit’s response to commands.
  • In other words, pressing the button should end the task as quickly as possible without unnecessary actions or delays. The best and fastest one Is Philips Universal Remote Cl035a which can really make you to feel different.
  • Build quality. Use polyurethane every day, which is why it is so important to ensure the quality of the products.
  • Easy operation. This is an important criterion. The device should be practical, simplified, and the buttons should not be too tight.
  • Colour. Light colors are considered trademarks because PU is most often used in household products.
  • Release year
  • The size of the model. His hands should be comfortable without slipping.

If you pay particular attention to selection criteria, descriptions and characteristics, you will get useful and quality things.

How to Choose?

Almost every device has its own controller, which has a basic configuration. Having a personal remote control is impractical for each device.

The company’s employees have developed a special remote control that is suitable for different devices and makes life easier for people. Helpful tips help you make the right choice.

  • Compatibility with equipment. You must be familiar with the features of each model to be compatible with universal remote controls.
  • Some common models only support company equipment. A list of suitable devices can be found in the instructions.
  • Ease of use. When choosing, pay attention to important parameters, e.g. The location and background of the keys. Most models are equipped with a backlight feature, which is quite handy in the dark.
  • Incorrect layout of the keys may cause the first gutter in the gutter. Many people adapt quickly to new positions, and for some people this becomes impossible.
  • The console should be light and comfortable and can be placed in your hand. When purchasing a remote control with taillights, make sure that all the buttons are close to each other and that the light is soft enough.
  • Distance. The signal transmission range of the standard model is 8 to 15 meters. Suitable for most users.
  • If you plan to use the remote control for other devices with remote range at the same time, select a control panel with a maximum radio channel length of 15 meters on the ZigBee network.
  • Mad. Classic models use AA or AAA batteries. Advanced models use built-in battery power.

If you read the user manual carefully, you will learn how to use PU.

From Where you can Buy?

The remote is sold in many online stores, and its types can be found on sites such as Ali Baba, Amazon, Ali Express and other well-known websites. You can also buy products in any appliance store, order online, and consult with consultants in advance for specific fees.


On the Internet you can find various controllers that can easily control different devices in homes, apartments or offices.

For most models, the operation of the instrument is the most important consideration when choosing. You cannot forget the design of the model.

Users often ask which remote control is best suited and where to buy it.

After reading the preview carefully and making suggestions, you can easily understand which model is best for you and where to buy it.

If you buy an inappropriate model from a reputable manufacturer, you can exchange or refund the purchased item.

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