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Healthy Tips for Graveyard Shift Workers

Healthy Tips for Graveyard Shift Workers

The majority of the population prefers to work on a day shift, which usually ends by six in the evening. But for some people, this is the start time of their shift, specifically for those who work in the security workforce, call center, or in the medical field.

They are the ones who work so hard at night while the rest of us are sleeping silently in our homes. If you are a part of this workgroup, continue reading this blog to know more about the healthy tips that you should be aware of

Prepare yourself

Ensure that you have enough energy throughout the entire night. Make yourself awake and alive at the beginning of your shift by turning on all of the possible light that can be used inside the office.

By doing this, you can counter the body’s tendency to release the hormone called melatonin which is usually secreted when we are in dark places, therefore, making us feel more sleepy.

Eat a healthy dinner

This is being practiced by all of us, whether we work on a day shift or a night shift. It is important to note that our brain will only function effectively if we are fueled by the right amount of nutrients that our body needs. Pick the foods that are healthy and will make you feel energized through the night.

Examples of these may include sources of protein like chicken or fish. You would also want to add some vegetables and fruits to your diet. The type of foods that we should avoid when working on a night shift are foods that contain too much sugar and fast foods since they tend to make us feel sluggish right after we digest all of the nutrients of the food.

In addition to this, our body system also has a hard time burning foods during the night time.


Drink coffee

Coffee will be your new best friend if you are a night shift worker, but keep in mind that too much of everything can be harmful to your health.

You can stay awake and feel active throughout the night by consuming the right amount of caffeine that your body needs. The effect of caffeine can make you feel energized for up to six hours, so prevent yourself from drinking coffee when you know that your shift is about to end already or else you’ll have trouble falling asleep.

According to scientific research, it is advisable to consume 200 to 300 milligrams of caffeine per day, which is equivalent to two and four cups depending on the size of the cup that you use as well as on the brand of the coffee.

Take short breaks

Taking a break from your work can help you become more productive at the office. Naps are one of the most effective ways to spend your break compared to eating because these naps will make you feel more focused and sharp.

Fifteen to twenty minutes will do, and in most cases, sleeping areas are provided by the companies who usually have an employee that works during the night.

Avoid sunlight

Get as much rest and sleep as much as you could after your shift by avoiding the sunlight in the best possible way that you can. You can try different ways, like wearing sunglasses or using an umbrella. In your house, make sure that the curtains or windows are effectively blocking the sunlight so that your bedroom can be a comfortable place to sleep in.

The cool temperature can also help you sleep easier, so use your air condition, electric fan, or whatever way that will make your room feel cooler.

Make a routine

There might be a possibility that each one of us will change our sleeping schedule, especially during weekends.

This is not advisable to do for the reason that it may cause difficulties and complications to our body clock and may end up timing in late or doing unnecessary overtime. We would highly recommend that you stick to your schedule and make it a daily habit.

Key Takeaway

People who work night shifts such as doctors, nurses, call center agents, and police officers should be keen on the specific details of how they manage their time and should be conscious about their health and well being because of the unorthodox schedule. In most studies, it has been confirmed that the changes that we make in our body clocks lead us to complications and diseases like diabetes, heart ailments, ulcer, or obesity. The reason for this is that we make our bodies against nature in which human beings are supposed to be spending their time and energy during the day, not at night. We hope that you learned a lot from this blog and make sure to apply the tips that we shared with you.


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