Mumbai is known as the City of Dreams

Five Reasons Why Mumbai is Known as the City of Dreams 


As New York is America’s ‘City of Dreams,’ so is Mumbai to India. The present-day Mumbai is actually a conglomeration of seven Islands, which is why it is also called the City of Seven Islands. The city, formerly known as Bombay, is opportunities galore to those seeking a dream career. People from other Indian cities and different parts of the world throng to Mumbai with the hope of realizing their dreams, because the city provides the much-coveted golden opportunity in multiple career options. There are achievers and strugglers, but one thing common in them all is the zeal and that’s just enough to keep you going in the ‘City of Dreams.’ Let’s also look at the other reasons why Mumbai is called the City of Dreams, and how the city justifies its epithet.



Mumbai, India’s wealthiest city with a worth of $960 billion (as per 2019 statistics), is also the 12th richest city in the world. The crucial contributors to this feat are the major stock exchange companies of India – The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE, the oldest stock exchange in Asia) and The National Stock Exchange (NSE, the largest stock exchange in India), which are based out of Mumbai. It is also home to the headquarters of many financial institutions, mainly The Reserve Bank of India, the central monetary authority. Also, the port city of Mumbai is the seat of commercial exchange between India and other countries.

  • The Entertainment Capital of the country:


The word Bollywood is a portmanteau of ‘Bombay’ and ‘Hollywood,’ and it refers to the Hindi film industry. This glittery and glamorous world of cinemas is based in Mumbai, and it is one of the largest and most influential film industries in the country. With many popular film studios like RK studios and Film City situated in the city, it is where the actors, producers, directors and other artists reside. Maratha Mandir, a movie theatre in Mumbai, has set a record for regularly screening the iconic movie ‘Dilwale Dulhania Lejayenge’ since its release in 1995.

Bollywood is the main reason why Mumbai is called the City of Dreams and the Film capital of India. A number of people, who dream of a career in the film industry, come to Mumbai carrying the biggest asset of talent. Want to be an actor, director, dancer or choreographer, but short of opportunities? Migrate to the City of dreams, book flights to Mumbai at Indian Eagle and be found in Bollywood.


  • A Refuge for aspirants: 


Not just the dreamers of Bollywood, but any person aspiring to create a self-identity prefer Mumbai, in light of the vast opportunities provided by the city. They see this land as a refuge where they can carve a niche for themselves. There are plenty of employment opportunities and different career prospects. Also, the corporate headquarters of many Indian and multinational companies are situated in Mumbai. For e.g. Tata Group, Aditya Birla Group, and Reliance Industries are headquartered in Mumbai. Furthermore, the inspirational tales of these leading business magnates motivate young entrepreneurs to achieve big!


  • A potpourri of Cultures and Communities: 


They say, “Be a Roman when you are in Rome.” But Mumbai is a place where you can be yourself without any hesitation, yet be accepted happily. Harmonious coexistence among motley ethnicities is a distinguished aspect of the Indian community, and you’ll see this aspect being epitomized in Mumbai. Mount Mary (Bandra Fair), Shree Siddhi Vinayak Temple, and Haji Ali Dargah are few of the popular tourist attractions with religious significance in the city. The locals (Mumbaikars) extend their helping hand to the newcomers in all ways possible, and the city offers a high standard of living to make you feel at home!


  •  Mumbai as the city of ‘firsts’:


It might not come as a surprise that the first-ever film screening in India was held at the Watson Hotel in Bombay. But, do you know that Mumbai also acted as the place where many other reformatory things were introduced? The First Five Star Hotel of India “The Taj Mahal Palace” was opened in Mumbai. India’s first passenger train ran in this city in 1853 (from Bori Bunder station to Thane). Juhu Aerodrome, the first civil aviation airport in India, is constructed in Mumbai. Thus the promising city has been the center of innovation!


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