Inverter AC Compressor

Different Types of Inverter AC Compressor Explained

Different Types of Inverter AC Compressor Explained

You may have observed that air conditioners in the market come packed with multiple types of inverter compressors. The compressor of an AC is the heart of your cooling device.

If it is removed, then your AC won’t be able to produce cool air. In the air conditioning world, inverter AC compressor is the most important innovation that has revolutionized the way compressors work.

You may have seen that a larger number of companies are launching their models with inverter technology. The most selling tonnage in this category is 1.5 ton split inverter AC.

When you will go to search for a new one for your home you will find that most AC models fall in the same category. You may choose one from brands like Sansui, Hitachi, Daikin, LG and other more.

The brands have been launched best AC below 30000 which can be easily afforded by most people looking for one for their home. In this short article, we will tell you about multiple types of inverter technologies. Read on and explore more!

What is inverter technology in ACs?

Inverter in an AC is the most vital innovation in recent times. An inverter compressor employs the use of special BLDC motors that can adjust the compressor’s speed as per your requirement.

In other words, when you install an inverter AC, the compressor can work at multiple speeds as per the cooling needs in a room and not at maximum speed. With an inverter technology compressor, the compressor does not go on and off and is always on but consumes less power as per the cooling needs and set thermostat.

It means that you end up saving more on energy bills. An inverter AC is the best thing for people who want to use ACs for longer hours and yet want to save on power bills.

What are the different Inverter AC compressors?

  • Dual/twin rotary inverter

Many AC brands are improving the design of inverter compressors and coming with rotary compressors instead of just one. LG has its dual inverter, while brands like O General and Toshiba call it a twin inverter. On the other hand, Blue Star calls it a dual inverter rotary compressor. As the name suggests, a dual inverter AC is the next step ahead of the ordinary inverter ACs. It means that it can help you save more energy on its uses and hence; you can pay a lower electricity bill.

  • Triple inverter

Samsung has taken the dual rotary compressor to the next level by offering 8-pole triple inverter technology. The biggest advantage of this inverter technology is that it helps in cooling your room 67% faster than dual inverter AC. These ACs operate even in 68 degrees and can help save up to 69% on energy bills. The AC reaches the set temperature faster, and it leads to quicker cooling and more energy saving.

  • Expandable inverter

Nowadays, new models of AC by Hitachi are loaded with expandable inverter technology, and it is designed for the tropical climate of India. These types of ACs use Seamless Cascade Vector DC Inverter System. In turn, such ACs provide more effective cooling and energy saving than any other conventional inverter AC model. As the name suggests, the AC with this technology expands its ability to cool your room with a change in indoor or outdoor ambient temperature. It is also designed to cut the humidity level in the room.

  • Intellisense inverter

Whirlpool comes with smart intellisense inverter technology based ACs that adjusts as per the cooling needs with the help of smart sensor network. These sensors are made to sense the number of occupants in your room and outdoor temperature and then make the inverter run for maximized cooling. They also limit the higher electricity consumption that translates into energy savings. These types of ACs also deliver silent cooling.

  • Scroll inverter

Daikin is said to have been testing the scroll inverter compressor technology. In such ACs, two scrolls are available – one is fixed, and other is made to orbit around the one that is fixed via the swing link. The biggest benefit of such an AC is that they don’t need more moving parts and even least variation of torque.

You went through leading inverter compressors types discussed in this post and may choose one as per your cooling needs and budget. If you are buying an AC for the first time or you have no proper knowledge about ACs, brand, models and what should be your requirement for the area you want to cool down, then it would be suggested to go through any AC buying hacks so that it could be overall a good purchase.


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