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Common Misconceptions of Food Supplements

Common Misconceptions of Food Supplements

A lot of us are confused about why food supplements like mangosteen supplements are not as strictly managed and monitored by doctors and pharmaceutical companies. We may also have the idea that it should also have a prescription just like what we do when we buy medicines or other drugs that will benefit our health.

One common misconception of food supplements is that some people believe that it is advisable to take as many supplements as we would like to but instead of achieving the idea of a healthier life, this may only lead you to have new complications or worse, to develop a disease from what you have just taken.

During the earlier times, it was prevalent in society to take high doses of vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin D. Majority of us still believe up until now that if we consume more vitamin C, our bodies will be safe and away from any kind of illnesses like flu or colds despite the fact that no specific research study has proven this claim yet.

In this blog, you will learn about the other misconceptions of food supplements so make sure to keep reading to be informed on the important facts that we have to consider when buying supplements like mangosteen supplements.

Natural is better

Nowadays, most people would opt to buy any type of product that is organic or natural compared to man-made or chemically processed items because of the belief that “natural is better.”

Although it is very significant to note that not all items that are naturally made have better quality and are safer compared to products that are manufactured in factories. Always remember that harmful substances can also be found in the least place that we expect it to be.

For instance, poison mushrooms are a natural substance but it does not benefit human beings in terms of our health. A lot of plants are also dangerous and deadly if we consume it.

Botanical supplements like ginger, garlic, and etc. are composed of materials made out of plants so they are most likely branded as “natural” supplements. However, plants also have other chemicals in their structure and some of these chemicals are beneficial for us like what can be found in mangosteen, and others are dangerous like the ones previously mentioned.

These harmful substances may also be a reason why people acquire certain types of allergies.


Old tradition never dies

It is a fact that plants are being utilized in ancient medications and that it cured society during those periods in time. However, the evidence is not sufficient enough to say and believe that all plants are advisable and safe to use as medicines.

These were used because the tiny segments of plants did not indicate any negative symptom or dangerous effect on the ones being cured because if it did, then people back then would not have chosen plants as a method of healing themselves.

Another factor is that ancient medication and their process does not include looking for and observing whatever side effects the plant may have on its patient.

Therefore, plant-based medicine may cure the disease of a person temporarily but the side effect of it will only be seen after a long period of using it and what’s worse is that the effect could be a chronic disease like heart or kidney failure and cancer.

Our society before would never consider those as a side effect and instead think of it as a new disease that needs to be cured again by the plants. Because of this, people accepted that death will always occur in contrast nowadays in which we all have the technology and all means to protect ourselves from having any type of illness.

The only acceptable reason for dying is because of old age since all medicines and drugs that we need are already provided by the research that has evolved through time.

Key Takeaway

Believe it or not, some studies have shown that too much intake of some minerals or vitamins can lead to complications and negative side effects. For instance, a high dosage of vitamin C can affect the body and its capacity to consume copper which is a very important element that our body needs.

With this, we highly advise consulting with your doctor first before buying and taking any amount of vitamins, minerals, or other food supplements. When you buy for a supplement, a pharmacist or nurse will be the one to educate you on the proper amount of dosage to be taken.

The negative side effects do not only occur when consuming large amounts of medicines but also when it is not being taken properly.

Never neglect any of this information that we have given you about the most common misconceptions about food supplements so that by the time you need or decide to use a supplement like mangosteen supplements, you will know how to control and properly manage the way you use these products.


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