Dry Clean Clothes at Home

5 Ways to Dry Clean Clothes at Home

5 Ways to Dry Clean Clothes at Home

Learning how to dry clean clothes at home could save you a lot of hassle and can be a viable alternative to hiring dry cleaning services in Dubai, which can be expensive. Often the clothes carry a tag of dry clean only as a precaution, but certain clothes can be washed at home as long as you are careful.

Natural fibers like cotton, linen, polyester, and silk can be washed at home in cold water or by hand. Dry cleaning in Dubai for such clothes can cost you a lot of money therefore it is recommended that you learn how to wash them at home.

Before washing deep colors, test for colorfastness first by applying some water to an outer section of the cloth and gently squeeze it onto a cotton swab. If the color bleeds, use a dry cleaner.

Certain fabrics like leather, rayon, wool, and suede should never be washed at home, and you should take heavily soiled garments or with oil-based stains to a dry cleaner since these clothes will be difficult to clean at home.

Avoid washing pleated skirts or suits at home and garments with beading, metal embellishments, and sequins should be taken to a dry cleaner in Dubai. Garments made from delicate fabric should also be taken to the dry cleaner to prevent damage.

Cotton, linen, and durable polyesters are safe to wash in the washing machine, and it is best to wash the delicate cotton fabric, wool, and silk by hand to avoid any kind of damage.

While using your washing machine to wash dry clean only clothes, turn the garment inside out and put it inside a mesh bag intended for delicate clothing items. Use mild detergent and cold water and run the machine at a slow speed.

If you want to hand wash your clothes, fill the tub or bucket with cold water and add mild laundry detergent to it.

Mix the water until soap suds appear and dip the garment into the water until it is completely saturated. Gently rotate the garment in the water by using your fingers to rub away any soiled areas.

Once you are sure that the garment is clean, empty the tub and refill it with cold water. Dip the garment in and out of the water to wash the soap extract. To dry the garment, squeeze it gently so that the garment releases the water.

Repeat this exercise three to five times until the fabric is no longer dripping wet. Afterward, lay the garment out flat to dry.

There is a simple way to remove hard stains from hand-made and embellished garments at home.  Dilute a capful of mild detergent solution and gently rub the affected area with warm water.

Use a sponge and rinse the entire garment with cold water. Leave it for drying in the sun, and it will be good as new.

Dry cleaning need not be an expensive and time-consuming proposition if you know how to dry clean clothes at home.

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